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"Sacrifice is my favorite thing in a movie: what are people willing to sacrifice for the good of others. The idea of the Book of Life is that there’s this book that has everyone’s story in it - every story ever told is in this book. Our hero, when he goes through his chapter, finds his pages empty because he’s not living the life that others wrote for him and he’s not living the life that was destined for him, he’s writing his own story. That’s the main theme of the movie. No matter who your father is, who your family is or where you come from, what you do is what will determine who you really are." - Jorge Gutierrez

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"I am a big lover of Mexican folk art and the reason I love it is because it’s very accessible art. I consider it art by the people for the people, but it’s also is a mirror of who we are. […] I eventually came up with the idea of having some of the characters made out of wood because growing up I loved wooden toys, with all their flaws and imperfections. The film takes place post Mexican revolution, it was a hard time. The bad guys in the movie are made out of metal. The idea is that when they went to the army they put metal on themselves but never took it off, and they don’t have any guns because they’re the weapons themselves. In this world, when you’re born, the wood you’re made out of is really smooth and as you grow older the wood starts aging. Wood is life, and there’s also a tree of life that symbolizes it. The movie is dripping with symbolism and magic realism.” - Jorge Gutierrez

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  • Baby: p-p.....
  • Dad: Papa? Say Papa :)
  • Baby: please watch generator rex




Happy birthday!!

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Alex ….

Happy birthday!!



Well, I discovered that I was putting in danger my family in a indirect way.

I am a terrible person.

They aren’t going to kick off of the family, but they don’t trust in me anymore.

That is fair.

So, I am going to search for a job in August.

No more time for fandoms, I guess…

I am scared in a strong way. I wait to find my courage for, in the very first time in my life, doing something revelevant without destroying all the persons who cares for me.

I am going to do a best post later.

Yes, all the time I was doing the things with the mind of the teen.

I am adult person and my older familiars can die in any moment. I need to FEEL it, no more “nice words” of understanding.

I don’t want to regret all the time that I use in Tumblr.

I met interesting users and that was great. I understand more about importante themes that persons don’t learn in school.

But I used my family’s trust, being an egoist person thinking that my problems were the only ones,

I am not sure if I lack of health or all was in my mind.

Thank you for read my blog.

That mean a lot, but that is shame that I am not a good person in REAL LIFE.

I know, life go on and I am glad that I can have help, still with the products of my cruel (in)actions, 

See you when I can have a time between the future job that I can find and the class time of my new university program, if I can save enough money for have one.

I know, all this looks so dramatic. I guess this is the first time when I fee as an adult meeting the hard REAL LIFE.

The true one.

Not the one in the words of certain famiiars.

I need overcome all the fears, Because they are reality now.


Buzz buzz… They’re here to sting you! Also, you can find this artwork here:


Jokes aside, this is actually my fourth Wasp Week artwork that was docked or delayed due to various problems; usually time-related problems.

Artwork features the entire Pym particle posse er… family! Guess what? They’re all Wasps! There’s Hank Pym in his Wasp costume, then Janet Van Dyne and lastly, if you recall that cheesy Next Avengers animated film; then there’s Henry Pym Jr.

Now, you be careful when dealing with them… They might sting you! Don’t even dare to scratch.